We are trying to be a genie for you but the universe has put some constraints upon us. Much like superman has kryptonite, we have certain regulatory, logistics and operational constraints that restrict us from fulfilling your dreams.

Product Dimensions

If it is too heavy or too big, we cannot get it for you. Refer the following table.

Weight>30 Kg
Length>150 cm
Length+Width+Height>200 cm

Certain Product Categories

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, sports cameras, drones, balance cars, TV sets, USB flash drives, memory cards, mobile phone SD cards, adult products, imitation cards, brand-name products without authorization materials, pure batteries (mobile power) , fragile products, liquids, powders, pastes, food, jewellery, drugs, drugs, optical discs, flammable and explosive materials, products with radioactive materials and other contraband. Printers, projectors, sweeping robots and other high-value live products.

Very Specific Demands

We are, at the core of our heart, a community genie and not an individual's genie. If a community (a group of people with common requirements) needs something then we will do our best to make it possible but if what you want is something that only you as an individual may need then our genie powers cannot be used.