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Follow this topic if you are an independent musician, you perform live, or produce music and you need the right solutions that satisfy your needs. 

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Yes you can. The guitar amplifier you end up buying will depend on your use case and preferences.

For practice and playing for a few friends, you would need a portable combo amplifier with 10-30 W power.

For rehearsals and... (More)

Yeah! I am. I sing, can play almost every instrument including keyboard, percussions, guitar, tambourine. I have won a lot of trophies in school and am looking forward for any such platform to brush up my skills and bring the... (More)

अस्सलामो अलैकुम/नमस्कार

जी बेशक में "ड्रीमवीएवर" और यहाँ हर कोई ड्रीमवीएकर है अपनी चाहत के साथ

मैं भी एक चाहत रखता हूँ एक गायक और शायर बनो, उसी रास्ते में चल रहा हूं

मैं मुहम्मद मुबारक खान

मैं एक सिंगर... (More)

Yes!! Everyone,is a dreamer... And there's no limit to it... One can dream whatever they want... Hey!! This is Reena Syunary and i love to listen to English songs, and i write too (just a beginner) and i wanna pursue... (More)